FAA Recognized Identification Areas

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Map Information:

This map depicts Approved FAA Recognized Identification Areas (FRIAs) for use to comply with the FAA Remote Identification rule. This map uses data provided by the FAA from the UAS Data Delivery Service (UDDS) for FRIA locations and boundaries. The modifications made to this data were adding the label of EDU in the orgName field for EDU FRIAs and Centroid Lat/Lon coordinates for pinpoints on map. Not all FRIAs are public access and may require preapproval to fly in them, we recommend reaching out to the club or organization hosting the FRIA before use. To comply with the Remote ID rule: "Both the drone and the pilot must be located within the FRIA's boundaries throughout the operation."

This data used in this map was last downloaded from the UDDS on 4 March 2024, The map was last updated on 4 March 2024. If you have comments or complaints about this map, feel free to reach out to me at alex@alexsuarez.net

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